Helping youth realize their full potential, in school and in life

For tens of thousands of youth in Canada, succeeding and even staying in school can be a challenge. This reality has a major social impact. Adults who do not have a high school diploma:

  • Earn approximately 15% less than those who graduate; 
  • are more likely to be unemployed;
  • have a shorter life expectancy;
  • are more likely to suffer from depression;
  • are more likely to be arrested or incarcerated.

School dropout is a national crisis. School suspensions and other disciplinary measures are early indicators of a student’s potential to disengage from school. YMCA Alternative Suspension is a dropout prevention program designed to counter these risk factors.

Developed by The YMCAs of Quebec in the fall of 1999, the program is offered to secondary level schools to support students who, for different reasons, are temporarily dismissed from the school setting.

Our program has two main goals, which are attained in a period of three to five days with students:

  1. The development and improvement of their social skills and sense of self-worth;
  2. To help students adopt a new positive attitude towards school.

THE OVERALL OBJECTVE: To help students have success as they reintegrate school and their social life.

YMCA Alternative Suspension encourages school perseverance by allowing youth participants to take a step back and identify what empowers and motivates them.

YMCA Alternative Suspension is a three-step process:

Cool down

Students find themselves in a new and structured environment, putting a stop to the downward spiral.


The program encourages students to reflect during one-on-one meetings and group workshops.


The program motivates students to make changes that will have a positive impact in their school environment.

A traditional at-home suspension is a missed opportunity for both the student and the school. However, we can turn the time away from school into a positive experience that promotes the student’s personal growth and academic success.



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