To reach us

If you would like to contact one of our service sites directly, please refer to the list of sites. If not, please contact the national office. 


George Kalimeris

George has been with the YMCAs of Québec for almost two decades. He is one of the founders of the YMCA Alternative Suspension program and has consolidated the School Perseverance Sector of the YMCAs of Québec. He has overseen the development and expansion of more than a dozen initiatives and steered the development of more than 50 service sites for a variety of community-based education programs in Québec, Canada and in France. 

National Director | School Perseverance Sector
The YMCAs of Québec
T: 514 271-9622, ext. 4290

Étienne Pagé

Étienne is the co-founder of the YMCA Alternative Suspension program. He has become a reference for the development of school perseverance initiatives. With a talent for bringing people together, he has developed impressive partnerships across Québec and in France, which has allowed several YMCA school perseverance programs to reach more than 20 communities.

Director, Province of Quebec | School Perseverance Sector
The YMCAs of Québec
T: 514 271-3437, ext. 4207

Andrew Borrelli

Andrew joined the YMCA School Perseverance team in 2009 at the onset of the national expansion of the YMCA Alternative Suspension program. Since then, he has worked with YMCAs across the country to develop program sites in over 20 communities. Andrew’s role is to create partnerships, support the capacity development of community-based education programs and ensure program sustainability through financial consolidation.

Director of Development | School Perseverance Sector
The YMCAs of Québec
T: 514 271-3437, ext. 4214