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Rugby Tattooed on the Heart!

Du Parc YMCA - June 16 2017

Whatever your fitness goal may be, Jean-Baptiste Dargelos can help you achieve it. You might have already met him in the conditioning room. He has a southern French accent, more specifically from Basque Country! Do you remember him now? So, please know that this Québec newcomer with a great sense of humour will put all of his experience, know-how and dedication at your service.

“I have the Québec equivalent of a Master’s degree in Physical Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology,” he says. Apparently, sports have always been a part of his life. “I was kicking or running after a ball from a very young age. I can’t stay still.” When he arrived in Québec in 2014, Jean-Baptiste updated his skills and received different certifications for private training: CPR, nutrition, etc.

Filled with projects

“I would like to create my own training method. It would be focused on the individual and surpassing oneself,” he tells us. “I believe that adopting healthy life habits means adopting a philosophy of life. The mind and body must come together to make tangible and durable progress.” In the long term, Jean-Baptiste dreams of participating in a Super Spartan race or Iron Man triathlon. This can happen as soon as his schedule clears up. Meanwhile, rugby has taken up a lot of his time for almost 20 years. Today, he’s head coach backs for the École de technologie supérieure’s team, at the highest university level. “It’s a true passion of mine that will never be diminished over time.”

Jean-Baptiste is passionate about sports, but he’s not perfect! He eagerly indulges in non-guilty pleasures. “I love spending evenings with friends, setting the world to rights over a good bottle of wine and a pizza.” In fact, his philosophy is to live without depriving himself of anything, knowing that things are always better in moderation and that sports will eliminate any excess!