Did you know that the YMCA helps kids stay in school? Hooked on School Days are here from February 11 to 15!

YMCA International Language School - February 11 2019

At the Y, you can shoot some hoops, learn about life and get the skills to succeed in school.

3,000 students, roughly 60 school buses​, are continuing their studies thanks to our YMCA Alternative Suspension and homework helpprograms. But that’s not all. We can encourage kids to succeed in school as soon as they are born. Physical activity plays a huge part too.

Getting kids interested in reading. Showing them how to interact with their friends. Building up their self-esteem. Helping them develop their motor skills. Getting them moving. This all contributes to their academic success.

By participating in our programs, more than 37,000 kids are on the path to success: in our daycares and Youth Zones, at camp and in our fitness and school support programs.

Join us in our commitment to school perseverance by wearing a green and white ribbon for Hooked On School Days from February 11 to 15!