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Culturellement Y: an evening filled with artistic diversity

Du Parc YMCA - January 30 2018

Last year, two former TeenZone participants took charge of the Culturally YMCA project, an event for local artists. One year later, we’re proud to see how much they’ve achieved and what they’ve learned from their experience!  

The last Culturally YMCA evening was devoted to diversity, with magic, music, poetry and visual arts. Held on Friday, January 12, the first Culturally YMCA event of the year provided a platform to many young artists. Gabriel wowed the crowd with his precise and skilful magic tricks. Then, El Ricky and Angelito, two young Latino rappers who have been writing their own songs for nearly a year, shared their lively beats with us. On a different note, Noé and Laura performed with a synth and acoustic guitar in a style similar to the American band CocoRosie. After, Anta brought us into her world with her humorous poetry piece, Parait-il qu’il faut faire des choix, about choosing a career at the end of her high school studies. To cap off the evening, young Lily gave her first Slam performance with a musical accompaniment.

All throughout the evening, the audience admired the work of Orlynda Vales, a sociology student and painter. Her portraits of women will be on display in the Y common room for 3 months, giving us a chance to discover new horizons and cultures.

Of course, we would like to thank all of the volunteers and participants, and invite our members to the next Culturally Y event on April 6. If you’re an artist and would like to sign up, please contact our organizers at culturellementymca@ymcaquebec.org. Culturally Y is free for everyone.