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Culturally YMCA: A great success !

Du Parc YMCA - February 14 2019

The year's first Culturally YMCA was hosted on Friday, February 1st in the YMCA du Parc's socialization area. Fifty people were in attendance, having responded to the invitations issued by the evening's young volunteers and artists.

This event was intended to highlight various projects created with our youth partners. The Maison des jeunes d’Outremont team was present to talk about DINOZART, a magazine born from a desire to offer a professional platform to young artists in the neighbourhood. A few hundred copies of the magazine are distributed in local bookstores, libraries and businesses. Featuring an "origins" theme, we are looking forward to the magazine's seventh edition, which will be published in March 2019. Also present were the Maison des jeunes du Plateau and the Oxy-Jeunes organization, which accompanied Butterfly Blue, who gave us an emotional interpretation of her composition. Meanwhile, Guëro RS amazed the audience with his ease in singing highly rhythmic Spanish rap.

One of the most important values ​​of the YMCAs of Québec is inclusion. That's why we decided to highlight the intergenerational project One Hundred Faces. The project consisted of creating faces using photographic portraits of the young people and the seniors who share the centre's youth area. It was a simple and fun creative process uniting two generations who experienced much joy in bringing new characters to life. Another show highlight was Junior Diakité, who offered us a show filled with humour. He improvised on cultural stereotypes and different generations by interpreting his African grandmother's arrival in Canada. We celebrated Black History Month with Laurie, who graciously presented us with a Haitian folk dance, which was followed by the Feelyourdanse troupe, consisting of Laurie's teacher and her pupil, both radiant, in festive dress. And then it was time for salsa. Colette and her fellow capoeira enthusiasts offer us an incredible demonstration and talked passionately about this ancestral art. With her piercing voice, the beautiful Gabriella Buggé gave a lively performance of Edith Piaf's Je ne regrette rien followed by Dream a Little Dream of Me, a song popularized by Doris Day. On a more rhythmic note, performer and composer Pédro Diaz came onto the stage, accompanied by his guitar, taking us on a journey through Peru.

Throughout the evening, spectators were also able to admire the works of artist Tim Pilon, a Mile End resident. Also on display were canvases, inspired by Black History Month, by the artist Margot.  She is a participant of Café Rendez-Vous Y, a program for YMCA seniors.

The youth team wishes to thank our two hosts of the evening, Radhika and Shannon, who animated the evening in style!

Our next event will be held on Friday, May 3, 2019. To register as an artist, contact our organizers directly at culturellementymca@ymcaquebec.org