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A wonderful ending to the Culturellement YMCA season

Du Parc YMCA - June 12 2019

The last Culturally YMCA of the season was held on Friday, May 10, 2019. This was the last event for the evening's organisers, Shannon and Rhadika, as young volunteers and participants of the Youth Zone. The evening featured artists engaging through various media, including literature, painting and music.

The audience was treated to excerpts from the Mile End chronicles, written from 2005 to 2018 by Hélène Filion Martin, and the text, Partage, inspired by workshops given by Dice at the Du Parc YMCA and read with much emotion by Micheline, participant in the Hip-Hop InterG school. Méralie, Annick et Monica celebrated the end of their participation in the InterG project by presenting a video summarising the two years spent in three YMCAs.

Several visual artists also showcased their work. Made in July showed us several stained glass windows illustrating beautifully colourful faces. Isabelle Norris presented her Passion exhibition and explained her love of portraiture through her quest to capture the essence of the subject she is trying to unveil. The evening's hosts also showed six works by Lucille Jarry, who has been participating for the past five years in the free arts workshops that are part of the Café Rendez-vous Y senior's program.


And then there were the musical acts! Anastasia, a former volunteer and founder of the Culturally YMCA project, played Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. Three young Oxy-Jeunes participants, Feda, Estelle and Océane, thrilled the audience with their interpretation of Meghan Trainor and John Legend's Like I'm Gonna Lose You. Alias, a young rapper who arrived from France less than a year ago, performed his compositions in front of an audience impressed by his ease on stage. Finally, SOS and KOMO ignited the evening with their dynamic songs in front of an audience that smiled and swayed to the beat. The singer also encouraged young people and seniors to stay committed to their projects. A beautiful performance to close this evening!

One word to describe CULTURELLEMENT YMCA? FA-MI-LY. A wide range of age groups and generations came together to enjoy a festive atmosphere within the YMCA.