YMCA Homelessness Assistance – Dialogue

Supporting homeless people

Like every big city, downtown Montréal has a large concentration of people who are homeless and likely to face issues such as social profiling, substance abuse, mental and physical health problems, and legal troubles. 

To support people who are living in or at risk of being in situations of homelessness, the YMCA founded Dialogue in 1997, in collaboration with Tandem Montréal and Destination Centre-Ville. Our mission is to help these individuals gain stability and improve their quality of life.

The team works in partnership with community and institutional resources in the area and acts as a hub referring, connecting and accompanying people to them.

To do this, Dialogue coordinates 4 main services:

Outreach work

A frontline intervention service that guides and supports people and helps them find and access relevant resources. We also offer training and respond to reports from the community in order to promote social cohesion in public spaces and raise public awareness about homelessness issues.
Contact an outreach worker:  514 971-7802 ou 438 227-3943.

The team adapts its intervention practices to the reality of its participants and also works with indigenous communities. In fact, Dialogue has been an active partner in the Pôle d’intervention du Square Cabot near the Atwater Metro station since 2014. Contact: 438 994-9658

Alternative gym

A service that promotes social integration and overall health through accessible and inclusive opportunities to play sports under the supervision of a community worker. This program is offered at the Downtown YMCA.
Contact a community worker: 514 971-7802 ou 438 227-3943.

Planning for prison release

A service that prepares and supports people who are detained in the Montréal Detention Centre and at risk of homelessness upon their release. The service’s main objective is to break the cycles of homelessness and criminal recidivism. 
Contact a community worker: 514 239-6055.

Social mediation

This is a conflict prevention and resolution service for downtown users to help them share public space harmoniously and reduce the negative effects of homelessness. The service can be adapted to the needs of downtown retailers, the business community, citizens and users, providing them with mediation and support services as well as training on how to better cohabitate with vulnerable or marginalized citizens. Our social mediator is a facilitator who creates a forward-thinking, constructive and respectful space where all parties involved can talk to each other and come up with durable and satisfying solutions together. Our team of social workers and mediators are on the ground daily and also provide support for specific situations.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential conflict resolution process whereby a mediator acts as an impartial third party without decision-making power at the request of participants to help them resolve their conflicts.

Are you concerned about urban social issues? We offer free services for all downtown users. Send an email mediation.dialogue@ymcaquebec.org or call 438-221-4765.


For any questions or assistance:
514 849-8393, ext. 1208 

Financial partners of the program

“Dialogue’s staff really helped me get off the street by supporting me in my endeavours. If they hadn’t been there, I would probably be dead!”

Mario, Dialogue participant