To all our volunteers: Quite simply, THANK YOU!

YMCAs of Québec - April 16 2018

We wanted to thank you for embracing the YMCA cause and helping our participants this year.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like much… And yet!

  • For a child who is on his own after school,
  • For a young person who is having serious problems at home,
  • For a sedentary adult who can go a week without seeing anyone,
  • For a family who can’t afford activities for their children,

It means a lot.

We couldn’t change lives without you – OUR VOLUNTEERS.

  • YOU are giving children who are struggling a chance to succeed in school and in life.
  • YOU are getting kids off the street and allowing them to reach their full potential.
  • YOU are encouraging adults and families to stay active and connected with their community.
  • YOU are lending a hand to all these people when they need it most, and are helping them overcome life’s challenges.

On behalf of the YMCA, THANK YOU!

To learn more about the impact your volunteering has made, check out our community report: