The Y submits a roadmap to combat sedentariness to the City of Montréal

YMCAs of Québec - July 31 2018

Did you know we submitted a brief to the City of Montreal as part of the public consultation on the Urban Sport and Outdoor Action Plan?

The team was made up of Dan Tierney, VP of Innovation and Development, Marie-Josée Meilleur, Senior Director of Innovation and Development, and Tina Tran, Physical Literacy Consultant. They presented the brief in the form of a roadmap showing 10 important milestones. This map allows all Montrealers to easily visualize what goes into leading an active lifestyle and how to combat sedentariness.

This work was based on our field-experience as an organization actively engaged in the delivery of sport, recreation, and community-life activities and services. To better meet the city’s changing needs, new and innovative social practices were also integrated into our approach.

Community and the sense of belonging are at the heart of the proposed plan. More than just a way to stay healthy, physical activity is a way to socialize with your neighbours. Remember the hopscotch and street hockey games of our childhood and the friendships that ensued?

Do Spike ball, Cricket, or Disc Golf mean anything to you? These emerging sports and other free-form activities are becoming more and more popular. Montreal is diversifying! The sports and recreational activities offered must reflect this evolution.

By encouraging people to be active, we improve their health of course, but by providing safe and appropriate spaces for their activities, we strengthen the social fabric itself.

Read the document (in French only)